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► Stanley, Dec 7: 'Loud, thumping bass'

(19048) Two residents have complained about noise from a student house in Stanley Road on Sat/Sun, 7/8 December 2019.

Resident 1 says she went round to complain at 11:35pm because of a "loud, insistent, thumping bass", and found another neighbour already talking to students at the door. After asking them to turn it down, she went to bed but could hear the same noise again at half past midnight.

(Email: Dec 8, 2019. 12:25)

Resident 2 says he was the other person referred to, and cites frequent noise problems in the street. "Despite the two universities' attempts to control antisocial behaviour, I have found the noise levels the worst they have ever been this year. I’m losing the will to raise complaints as I would have to be emailing you on a near-daily basis. I am regularly woken up at 2-4 am by students returning from clubs or leaving parties. I am sleep-deprived and it is affecting my work and health."

(Email: Dec 8, 2019. 12:36)

Both residents sent their complaints to Bristol City Council's Neighbourhood Enforcement Team. I have advised that they should copy them to UoB (and/or UWE if necessary). NET is likely to class this as a "one-off" event and will therefore not investigate. ADW


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