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► Roslyn, Dec 3: 'So loud we can't relax'

(19046) Repeat complaint about a student house in Roslyn Road by next-door neighbour who says her family suffer "unbearable" noise two to three times a week, despite having spoken to the students numerous times.

She wrote to UoB: "There is often a group that gathers in the first-floor living room, which is adjacent to ours, and they talk very loudly at the top of their voices, often screaming and shouting over each other .... Before they go out [at night] there is always a lot of thumping and running up and down the stairs and slamming of doors.

"We live in a Victorian terraced house and unfortunately the walls between the properties are thin. It can get so loud that we are unable to relax in our own living room, and when we go to bed we can still hear them from our bedroom ....

"The noise starts around 8/9pm and gets progressively worse as the evening goes on. For example, I went to bed last night and they kept me awake from 10.30pm until midnight with all their shouting and whooping. And then, when they finally went out at just before midnight, they made such a horrendous amount of noise outside in the street when getting into a taxi."

The resident says the problems have been going on for most of the term.

"We have knocked on their door a few times and spoken to them, [plus] written a note pleading for them to keep the noise down and explaining that we have a 3 year old who goes to bed early, I am now 5 months pregnant and we both have professional jobs so we need some peace and quiet and to be able to go to sleep. They have given us a contact telephone number to text them should they be too loud ... That worked for the first few times but now they simply ignore my requests to keep it down."

(Email: Dec 4, 2019. 11:34)

The resident has cited the same house in two other noise reports since September (19005, 19017), and has previously made a formal complaint to UoB.

In November, following separate complaints by this and other residents about outdoor noise at night in Roslyn Road, UoB wrote to students living in the street.

Gordon Scofield, UoB's community liaison officer, said in an email circular: "I realise that not all students in Roslyn Road are responsible for continuing complaints about noise and anti-social behaviour. I am reminding everyone that you live in a residential street where people have to get up for work, children to attend school or school events even at the weekend. Many of your peers are supporting themselves through University and have jobs, assignments and dissertations to complete and some are medical students who have to be working on hospital wards early in the morning. Disruptive anti-social behaviour will result in disciplinary action being taken by the University."

(Email: Nov 21, 2019. 12-50)


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