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► Hampton, Nov 29: 'Party woke my child'

(19045) Two residents have reported being disturbed by a house party which lasted until the early hours of the morning in Hampton Road, near the junction with Waverley Road, on Fri/Sat, Nov 29/30, 2019.

A resident in Warwick Road says noise continued through the night until past 7am, and was "loud enough to disrupt my children's sleep. My youngest (3 1/2 years old) woke up at 3 and then couldn't get back to sleep for an hour due to noise."

(Email: Nov 30, 2019. 19:44)

Another resident, who lives in Waverley Road, said in a complaint to UoB: "This Friday from 7.30pm ... there was a party/ social gathering until 4.45am the following morning. The occupants and their friends seem to be completely unconcerned as to how their activities might affect others ... I can accept their activities up to midnight but I do object when it continues beyond that especially as they seem to favour gathering in the garden, where the noise affects me the most."

(Email: Dec 3, 2019. 16:11)


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