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► St Paul's Road, Nov 16: 'No sleep till 4am'

(19039) Loud party at student flat in St. Paul's Road, Clifton, near Oakfield Place, on Saturday/Sunday, 16/17 November 2019, which lasted until 4am.

Two residents have complained to UoB.

Resident 1 describes the event as "a large loud party ... The noise was from the house and the garden—the noise in the garden included shouting at top volume. We got no sleep until 4am, when the noise stopped."

(Email Nov 17 2019 12:34)

Resident 2 writes: "Both the music and the shouting and screaming by the participants were excessive, making sleep difficult and ensuring that we were constantly being woken up. When we went round with a neighbour to express our concerns and to explain that this behaviour is unacceptable, the mess outside was horrific, including vomit and beer cans and bottles."

(Email Nov 17 2019, 15:23)

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