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► Woodfield, 25 Oct: 'Shut down by Beech'

(19029) Operation Beech police were called twice to a student party in Woodfield Road on Fri/Sat, 25/26 October 2019.

Beat music from the event could be heard 65 metres away, and there was significant noise from party-goers in a back garden, which is close to a block of flats.

Beech was called a second time at about 12-15am and the party was silenced shortly afterwards.

A large group of students then left the property. The resident reports that "the students leaving sadly gave the officer some abuse for closing it down ... they did make a lot of noise moving on down Hampton Rd."

The resident said he would send a complaint to UoB.

(Email, 25 Oct 2019, 22:12)

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