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► Ravenswood, 23 Oct: 'Intolerable'

(19028) A resident has complained to UoB about noise from a student house in Ravenswood Road on a midweek evening, Wed, 23 October 2019—and suggests the university should review its messaging on noise.

She says that from 8-30pm onwards, "the noise could be heard loud and clear in our living room and bedrooms at the front of the house—a constant repetitive thumping noise that was intolerable. We had intended to spend the evening in our living room but we had to move to rooms at the back of our house in order to get away from the bass noise. We don't know when exactly the noise stopped. It was still going at 21:30 but had stopped by 23:00.

"At the end of the working day, in the middle of the working week, we just want to be able to relax in our home in the evening. We don't want the stress of loud noise inflicted on us by student neighbours."

This is a second complaint about the property in just a few weeks. (See report 19004.)

The resident suggests the university's guidance to students on noise is confusing, and contradicts its formal rules.

UoB's "Local rules and regulations for student behaviour in the community" state that disciplinary action may be taken in the case of "Excessive noise that causes a disturbance to other residents at any time of day or night."

But a web page giving tips on community living advises students planning parties that their event is likely to be unacceptable to neighbours if it's "Loud past 10pm on week nights" or "Loud past midnight on Friday or Saturday nights."

(Email, 25 Oct 2019, 00:26)


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