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► Roslyn, 19 Oct: Second complaint in week

(19025) Party at student house in Roslyn Road on Sat/Sun, 19/20 October 2019. The same house figured in a complaint (19024) two days previously and had received an email warning from UoB.

The resident who made both complaints says in the latest one that the students had given advance notice of the party and promised to keep the noise down, but "this did not happen."

Although the music was kept to "a moderate level", the main problem was the noise made by guests outside the house. She spoke to the students twice, at 11.30pm and again at 11.45pm. "The students did apologise and go inside each time but it was not long before there was a new group of smokers to replace them.

"As I had be up early with my toddler, who rises at around 6.30am, I put in some earplugs to try to get some sleep. However, by 1am the noise coming from the back of no. [xx] had woken my toddler, who was very distressed. By 2am the shouting from the front was so unbearable that both my husband, myself and my son were all kept awake and I was in tears. My husband went outside to speak to the students to say that enough was enough and that the party had to stop. By this point the students were less polite and he had to threaten to call the police.

"Needless to say we are all feeling very tired and fed up today and it has ruined our weekend."

She adds that before the party finished at around 2-30am, someone was sick on the pavement outside her house. Despite a request to the students to clean it up, the vomit was still there on Sunday evening.

(Email: 20 Oct 2019, 20:52)

In her complaint two days previously, the resident noted that she had already been kept awake on four consecutive nights as a result of noise in the street, which has a high proportion of students.


I observed the party myself for part of the evening, having been contacted by the resident after she received the party notice.

Between midnight and 12:30am, noise levels rose and fell, largely depending on whether the front door or windows were open. At times, the scene was fairly quiet and the resident decided not to contact Operation Beech, though she now wishes she had done so.

At other times, the house quickly became noisy again, mostly because of people talking or shouting. When I made a second visit at about 1am, the noise of both music and people was significantly louder and more sustained than it had been previously, and was noticeable from the Kensington Road end of the street, 50 yards away.

Unfortunately, by the time the noise reached its peak, Operation Beech would have been off-duty.


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