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► Eaton Crescent, 16 Oct: 'I have a 6am start'

(19023) Noise from two second-floor flats at a large block of linked properties in Eaton Crescent, Clifton, late on Wednesday, 16 October 2019.

A resident texted Operation Beech, and has also complained to UoB. This came just a few days after a previous incident at the same block:

He wrote: "The 2nd floor of No [xx] is again a particularly noisy gathering of loud people and music which is made worse by them having their windows fully open. It is preventing my sleep so I have moved to another room. There's also noise from the 2nd floor of [an adjacent property]."

Writing at 10:45pm, he added: "The occupants seem to think it is ok to be loud and antisocial at these hours .... Whilst not late, it is a reasonable time for lights out in my flat when I have a 06:00 start like most workers in the city."

At 11:20pm he texted Operation Beech, who replied half an hour later that they had attended. He reports that this succeeded in reducing the noise.

(Email, 16 Oct 2019, 22:46)


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