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► Roslyn, 7 Oct: 'Shouting, slamming doors'

(19017) Noise at student house in Roslyn Road on Mon, 7 October 2019.

The resident who complained about a procession of students (see preceding report) says she was also affected by noise coming from the student house next door to her.

"The students next door were also quite rowdy last night and we could hear a lot of noise coming from their living room through the adjoining walls through the evening. They were being so loud—shouting, jumping and slamming doors—that we could even hear it from our bedroom on the top floor of the house. They were also extremely loud when leaving the property at 11.45pm to get in to taxis and this kept us awake."

The resident had previously reported asking the same neighbours to be quieter on three occasions in the first week of term. (Report 19005.)


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