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► Roslyn, 7 Oct: 'Noisy procession of students'

(19016) Gathering at student house in Roslyn Road on weekday evening, Mon, 7 October 2019, followed by large group of students leaving noisily.

A resident has complained to UoB. She says groups of students stood on the front steps and in the street for most of the evening "and long past 11pm, drinking, smoking, talking loudly and even shouting.

"I went to speak to the students twice to ask them to go inside and close the door. Which they did do for about 1 minute and then it was back to the same behaviour. I was told that as it was before 11pm, they were not breaking any rules. I reminded them that 10pm was the university guideline for midweek.

On the second occasion, a student who lived at the property "was polite and promised that he would get everyone to quieten down, and in any event, they all were about to head out for the rest of the evening."

"A massive procession of students then walked down the middle of the street at around 11.30pm making a lot of noise and no doubt woke up many residents on other roads on their walk through Redland to the club they were heading to.

"I also witnessed one of the students purposely bending back the wing mirrors of cars parked on our road, including my own car, which was distressing to watch out of the window."

(Email 10:14 8 Oct 2019)


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