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► Waverley, 28 Sep: 'Disturbed twice in night'

(19010) Resident in Waverley Road, near Hampton Road junction, disturbed twice in night by noise that may have come from more than once source, Fri/Sat, 28/29 September 2019.

Resident says he was affected first by party noise he believed was coming from one of several student houses in Hampton Road. He contacted Operation Beech at about 00:30am, "who did come and stop it."

"Later again that night at about 02.30 there was more disturbance, this time from what may have been [a house in Waverley Road] though I'm not sure. ... It is sometimes very difficult to pinpoint the origin of the disturbance."

At one stage he shouted at people from his window, then tried to sleep on his landing to get away from the noise "though this didn't work as I couldn't sleep."

He adds: "Parties aside, I am much more put-out by people coming out for a chat in their garden between midnight and anything up to 4am. This is almost always [xx] Hampton Road, who are serial offenders."

I passed this location at around midnight, and there was a lot of noise from what appeared to be people in a back garden between the Waverley and Hampton houses.


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