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► Lansdown, 1 Oct: 'Yelling and shouting'

(19011) Two residents have complained to the University of Bristol about disturbance caused by students in Lansdown Road in the early hours of Monday, 1 October 2019.

Resident 1: "Loud shouting and yelling started sometime around midnight. ... It was obvious a large number of students were moving about the Chandos area.

"The yelling and shouting increased until eventually they were in Lansdown Road and it was no longer possible to ignore. I dragged myself out of bed, dressed, and set out to find out just what the hell was going on.

"It wasn’t hard to find a gang of rowdy, partly inebriated students milling about in the lane between Lansdown and Stanley Roads."

After some discussion, the group went into a house in Lansdown Road and things quietened down, though the resident adds: "There are still a few students in the street noisily talking and moving about even now, at 2.20am."

(Email 1 Oct 2019 02:24)

Resident 2: "... [I] was woken around 2.00 by shouting in Lansdown Road. I found it impossible to get back to sleep and I am writing this note at 7.45 feeling lousy."

(Email 1 Oct 2019 07:52)

UoB has acknowledged the complaint and visited the students.


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