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► Ravenswood, 27 Sep: 'Loud bass, abusive shouting'

(19008) Party at house in Ravenswood Road, near junction with Archfield Road, on Fri/Sat, 27/28 September 2019.

(Updated 01/10/2019 with additional information.)

A resident says: "There was a party on Ravenswood Road last night with loud bass and very abusive (seriously BAD language, not just a bit of swearing) shouting which went on till 3.30am or later."

(Email 28 Sep 2019 17:31)

In a subsequent complaint email to UoB, she indicates the party may have been a joint event with the adjacent house.

She adds: "Apparently neighbours on Ravenswood Road were kept awake all night by the noisy drunk students going to and from this event." In her own household, the party "kept us all awake and ruined our weekend as we were tired and miserable from lack of sleep."

UoB has acknowledged the complaint and visited the students.

I observed this event myself at about 00:20am and again at about 1am. There was clearly a large crowd in the back garden, plus some people intermittently making noise outside the front of the house. The bass beat was more evident on the second visit. Noise of the party could be heard about 100 metres away. I would expect this to have disturbed quite a few people in Ravenswood Road, Archfield Road and Montrose Avenue.

Note: UoB guidelines call for parties to be quiet by midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.


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