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► Roslyn, 25 Sep: 'Student playground'

(19005) Series of late-night disturbances in Roslyn Road, particularly on Wed, 25 September 2019.

Resident writes: "And so it begins, screaming and shouting in the street and gardens, hordes of students walking done the middle of the street singing and shouting, kicking bins and throwing glass bottles into recycling bins, numerous Uber taxis arriving at all hours during the evening to take the students out and last night, the students next door also woke us up at 4.30am coming home and then proceeded to gather in their back garden making loads of noise and waking up my 3 year old son.

"Roslyn Road has yet again become a student playground and we are back to going to work feeling sleep deprived. We have had to ask the students next door to keep the noise down three times already and they have only been there a week!"

(Email 26 Sep 2019 08:26)


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