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► Manor Park, 25 Sep: 'Strong bass, shouting'

(19003) Party at student house in Manor Park, near junction with Redland Road, from 9pm to midnight on Wed, 25 September 2019; estimated 30-50 people in attendance.

Resident has sent a complaint to both universities, pending identification. This was a midweek event—UoB guidelines suggest parties should be quiet by 10pm.

Complaint states: "The noise included very loud music with a strong bass sound, loud talking, shouting, screaming. ... At around 10.45pm we went to the house to request the party stop by 11pm."

They were assured that it would, but on going home heard verbal abuse being directed at their flat by people in the garden.

They made a second request at 11.10pm. Noise continued until midnight. "We could hear the noise even with our windows shut in a flat approximately 20 metres away and outside from 120 metres away."

(Email 26 Sep 00:24)


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