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Police patrols ... staff changes, complaints ... missed messages

SUMMARY ► Operation Beech, comprising university-funded police patrols aimed at quelling student noise, is expected to return in time for the start of term. We await an announcement. More …

► Both the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England have seen staff changes recently. Joni Lloyd has stepped down as community liaison manager at UoB. Meanwhile, at UWE head of security Richard Barnston is now also leading the community liaison team. More …

► In her final report, Joni Lloyd told a liaison meeting with residents in July that complaints about student parties fell in academic 2018-19. However, “general noise” complaints went up (see chart on home page). More …

► The report also showed that information campaigns to prepare first-years for “living out” in the community reach only half of their target audience. That could be why residents meet so many students who claim not to know about their university’s policies, rules, or disciplinary system. More …


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