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► Brighton, 6 Jun: 'Shouting in garden'

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(18090) Noisy gathering in the garden of a student house on east side of Brighton Road until after 11-30pm on Thursday, 6 June 2019.

A resident has complained to the University of Bristol about this event, which was also accompanied by noise in the street at various times.

In an email to me, the resident says: "They were ... drinking and shouting in their garden until after 11-30."

She adds that there was "a ridiculous amount of street noise" until after 00-45am, and she believes this was associated with the same house. "They were screaming, slamming what I think were doors, and singing on the street, which is clearly unnecessary."

Another resident says she had to sleep with earplugs because of the noise from the walled garden. "The noise was loud and amplified [because] of the walled-in structure. I went to bed about 10ish and there were about 20 people at least, all very loud, drinking, and with music."

She also reports: "There was lots of whooping in the front street about 8.30-9pm as people arrived."

The house concerned was previously cited in a noise complaint in November: report.

The latest incident happened on a night when police assistance was potentially available under Operation Beech, but the contact number wasn't used. Details of Operation Beech, which is paid for by the University of Bristol, are here.


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