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► Waverley, 7 Apr: 'All-night party'

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(18081) Party at student house near eastern end of Waverley Road on Sat/Sun 6/7 April 2019. Residents say they were kept awake by this event.

Resident 1 says in a complaint to the University of Bristol: "The party continued until 8.00 a.m. on Sunday morning. I live round the corner [in] Rokeby Avenue but even so my sleep was interrupted."

Resident 2, who also lives in Rokeby Avenue, says "one of us was woken and kept awake by distant but clear thumping music at 2am".

Resident 3, in Montrose Avenue, says, "It went on until about 9.30am. I woke up to it about 4 times during the night but managed to get back to sleep ... it looked like they had taped cardboard onto the top-floor windows in a useless attempt at soundproofing. .... I have no idea how many people were involved, but there were quite a few leaving the house at about 9am."

Resident 4, also in Montrose, says "I left the house early (5ish) on Sunday morning and I could hear music and people shouting to each other in the street .... it didn’t disturb me overnight."


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