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After Rokeby, Chandos chair urges tougher action by UoB

It may be only a "matter of time" before a large student party leads to an accident, Chandos chair Diana Swain said in a letter to Prof. Hugh Brady, Vice Chancellor of the University of Bristol.

She called on the university to take a tough line on events such as the Rokeby Avenue party on 16 March that attracted more than 150 people.

"We feel that it is only a matter of time before there is an accident at one of these large parties in modest residential houses which are not built to withstand the party antics of 150 young people. It is time that the University stepped up to the mark and dealt with situations such as this latest party with the strongest sanctions available."

The Chandos Neighbourhood Association has been in the forefront of efforts to curtail student-noise problems, and has been following the Rokeby Avenue incident closely even though the street is outside the group's area.

Diana Swain also called on the university to expedite its discussions with the police about funding night-time police patrols to deal with student noise. That call has since been answered by the university's deputy registrar, Lynn Robinson, who has confirmed that UoB and the police have agreed to go ahead with a pilot project towards the end of the summer term.

Similar concerns about large parties have been expressed by Cotham councillor Anthony Negus, who was involved in efforts—ultimately unsuccessful—to get the party stopped or modified.

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