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► Lansdown, 21 Mar: 'Group in garden at 1am'

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(18076) Students making noise in garden of house on east side of street, early hours of Thurs 21 March 2019.

A resident has written to the University of Bristol. In an email sent at 1:50am, he reports: "I’ve just returned from asking the students at [xx] Lansdown Road to make less noise. For the last half-hour a group have been in the front garden talking and laughing as if it were the middle of the day. Perfectly nice people, but so thoughtless to make so much noise when people are trying to sleep. They did apologise, and stopped immediately, but why oh why did it need someone to have to get out of bed to point out just how disturbing they were being?"

He adds that this followed a noisy group returning to a second house in the road and a further "loud door-slamming incident" at a third student property.

These were part of a recent series of noise incidents in Lansdown Road—see also the report for 5 March.

In a further email sent at 00:49am on 23 March to both UoB and UWE, the same resident notes "more milling around and more noise" outside a fourth student house in the street. I had earlier noted that a party was taking place at that address at about 11:30pm.


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