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  • Andrew Waller

► Brighton: Repeated noise from house

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(18072) Resident in Cowper Road lists six occasions in February and March when she's been disturbed by noise from a student house near the northern end of Brighton Road.

The resident has written to the University of Bristol noting noise disturbances from a house diagonally opposite hers. (Properties in Brighton Road back on to those in Cowper Road.)

The incidents include "shouting in the garden and loud music" from 11pm to midnight on Thursday, 7 February, and similar activity at around 10pm to 11pm on other evenings, mostly mid-week.

On four of the occasions, the resident went to speak to the students and asked them to move inside and close their back door, which generally they did.

"Each time I spoke to them I explained the garden noise/music after 10.30 p.m. disturbs neighbours: the back gardens abutting each other forms a type of amphitheatre where the sound disturbs about five Cowper Road houses, as well as the Brighton Road houses their side. This info is just not going in!"