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► Lansdown, 5 Mar: 'Woken by noisy groups'

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(18071) Groups of students arriving and leaving noisily at house near south end of road in early hours of Tuesday, 5 March 2019.

A resident has complained to the University of Bristol after being woken several times by students going into and out of the house. The same property has been cited twice previously: see 18026, Lansdown, 26 Oct: 'Noisy groups awaiting taxis' and 18038, Lansdown, 17 Nov: 'Exceptionally loud noise'.

The resident says: "At 1.30am a group of students arrived by taxi and immediately they got out began shouting at the top of their voices. One shouted '[xx] Lansdown Road' so their destination was pretty obvious."

He was woken again at about 2am by another group walking down the street towards the house. "One of them loudly shouted 'It’s No. [xx]—go down the steps and knock on the window', which is exactly what they did, until they were eventually let in."

Some time later he was disturbed again. "Students began to leave No. [xx] without making any effort to be quiet. The noise was bad enough to wake me and get me out of bed to check who was making it."


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