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► Manor Park, 23 Feb: 'No attempt to curb noise'

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(18068) Noise in street associated with party at house in northern corner of Manor Park, Friday night into Saturday, 22/23 February 2019.

A couple have complained to both universities (pending identification of the students involved) after a "loud and disruptive party". They say there "seemed to be no attempt to curb noise or anti-social behaviour of guests."

"We asked them to turn the noise down at 12.05 and a polite student agreed that he would. It was back up to full volume within 5 mins. We also asked that they ask their guests to leave quietly later on, to which he agreed.

"At 12.40 we went out to ask a large group who were shouting in the street for over 15 minutes to be quieter and consider the residents who are trying to sleep but they were very sarcastic and proceeded to knock 2 wheelie bins over. They declined to take any responsibility for their noise or actions, stating that they did not live here and were merely guests at the party.

"12.55: Another group of 4 shouting in the street and one boy urinated on the pavement directly outside our house whilst shouting about it.

"01.05: Group of 6 boys and 2 girls singing and shouting whilst waiting for a taxi."

Update (23/02/2019): The complainant has contacted me again with this addition: "Just had flowers, chocolates, apologies and contact phone numbers from number [xx] with a promise to seek out both the rude and urinating party guests and an acceptance that we are justified in reporting them. So that is something at least!"


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