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  • Andrew Waller

► Roslyn: 'Seriously affecting my quality of life'

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(18064) Loud music played repeatedly at a student house on the west side of Roslyn Road, leading to numerous complaints.

A resident has complained to the University of Bristol: "There has been an ongoing issue with noise since the start of the academic year, mainly in relation to playing loud beat music at least a couple of times per week with groups of students socialising in the living room .... I have complained to the students on numerous occasions about their beat music and to ask them to turn it down. I have to knock on their door on almost a weekly basis. They usually do turn it down when asked, but then the same problem occurs again a few days later. I am unable to relax in my own home and it is seriously affecting my quality of life.

"Other residents on the street have also commented on the continuous noise disturbance being caused by the students at number [xx]."

Comment: I have been in touch since before Christmas with this resident, who cites frequent noise disturbances in Roslyn Road. There is a large number of student houses in the street, several of which seem to be associated with repeated problems. These haven't figured in my incident list to date, because I wasn't getting reports. However, that will probably now change. This resident and others in the street are interested in forming their own group to address noise issues. If any other residents wish to make contact, send me an email and I'll put you in touch. I will also flag this to the Chandos Neighbourhood Association. AW