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► Roslyn, 16 Feb: 'Horrendous amount of screaming'

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(18066) Loud party at a student house at the north end of the street, with beat music and people shouting in a rear garden, in the early hours of Saturday, 16 February, 2019.

(Updated 19/02/2019 with comments from sixth resident, added at end.)

Six residents have commented on this party, two of whom have submitted complaints to the University of Bristol. Excerpts:

Stanley Road resident: "It is 1.45am and there is a very loud party going on and it has woken our 3-year-old daughter who sleeps at the back of our house. We complained about this house last October for the same issue."

Roslyn Road resident: "We were affected, as was my 17-month-old son who was woken at 12.45! I was furious and frustrated. I spoke to the non-emergency police line, out-of-hours council and after no avail then emailed the university... [The students] had a huge sound system ... it didn’t stop until 4.30am."

A second Roslyn Road resident who lives 30m away: "When I went to bed at 11.30pm I heard the beat music and realised my fate. I was subsequently woken up a few times between 11.30pm - 1am by a horrendous amount of screaming and shouting in the street and it seemed as though the music had been turned up even louder."

Chandos Road resident: "I was in my living room listening to music and party noise between about half past midnight and three... It sounded as though there were a lot of people."

Chandos Road resident who lives 75m away: "We could hear this party. [We think] it was going on till about 4."

Alexandra Park resident: "I ... was disturbed by noise of the above party. This is not the 1st time and fully support action being taken ... Noise went on at least until 0330 and I cleared bottles in street following day."


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