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► Alexandra Park, 9 Feb: 'Music until 5-30am'

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(18062) Student party with loud music at house on east side of Alexandra Park, from Friday into early hours of Saturday, 9 February 2019.

A resident has complained to the University of Bristol:

"On Friday a party was held which continued to play exceptionally loud music until 5:30am despite us contacting the residents by text on several occasions to turn the music off (screen shot attached). As you can see, there is zero remorse, in fact the responses are quite mocking. We were unable to go to the house ourselves as we were comforting our two small children. In addition, the normal noise of “guests” leaving at 5:30am added to the disturbance. We also witnessed additional speakers and music equipment being delivered to the property."

The resident says they complained about "similar issues" last year and that "these are the same students staying on for an additional year".

The university said it had called the students to a meeting to "discuss this complaint and agree actions".


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