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► Hampton, 3 Feb: 'Thudding music, flashing lights'

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(18060) Loud party in house on Hampton Road, west side, between Abbotsford and Aberdeen Roads, on Sat/Sun 2/3 February 2019.

Four people have reported being disturbed by the event and one has complained to the University of Bristol. The noise of the party was evident in Cotham Gardens, 80m away. I observed the event myself at about 0:30am onwards and called the police on 101, but was told no one would attend.

Abbotsford Road resident (complainant):

"We experienced thudding type music and flashing lights from the windows at the rear of the property in the evening [Sat], penetrating all the rooms at the rear of our house, 30 metres away. This continued to at least midnight when we retired to the front of our house to escape. Some shouting around the property accompanied the thudding."

Second Abbotsford resident:

"We were ... kept awake from 1:45am this morning with the noise from the party on Hampton Road. Our whole house was vibrating from the music / chanting and it woke my two young children. It went on beyond 2:30am and yet again ruined our nights sleep."

Hampton Road resident:

"I was unable to go to bed ... as I had planned. I had to wait until after 1 am. The music was too loud and the shouting, screaming students were as bad. As usual."

Aberdeen Road resident:

"I ... was very much affected by the noise (kept awake) on Saturday night until around 3.30am!! Unfortunately I was working the next day and had to be up at 6.30am. ... The noise from this party was the worst I have ever experienced in the three years I have lived here. The drum and bass type music was so loud it could’ve been right outside my window. It was the first time I have ever resorted to phoning the police, who sadly said they have no power to do anything but recommended phoning the council (not much use during the night)! I have been a student myself and never would have made noise like that in the street or my house—it’s hard to imagine how anyone could care so less about other people around them ... ."

University response

UoB replied to the complainant (see first report) that it had "contacted the students at this address to make them aware of the complaint and to remind them of the University's expectations of behaviour in the community, the disciplinary process and the consequences of further complaints."


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