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► Cranbrook, 27 Jan: '4am phone call to police'

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

(18054) Loud, late student party at house on west side of Cranbrook Road, between Kersteman and Carnarvon Roads, in early hours of 27 January 2019.

A resident has complained to the University of Bristol:

"Students at the above address had a party tonight that ended with me having to phone the police at 4am. The students informed us of the party and said they would turn the music down and go inside at 12am. Which we thought was reasonable and told them so. However, this was not the case.

"They were asked by another neighbour around 2am to quieten down and I also sent two occupants a text asking them to take it all inside as the noise from the garden and front door area was becoming an issue. We have a family home with 3 children. There was loud music and people coming and going all night.

"I was forced to call the police when one party-goer decided to climb to the top of scaffolding .... This could have ended in tragic circumstances.

"It was very intimidating and frightening having to go and address a group of drunken people ... We do not want to feel anxious and on edge in our own home."

In a separate email, the resident says the disturbance included "shouting , screaming and general anti-social behaviour", and adds: "There are families with young children either side and to the back of this property, along with older residents nearby."

The resident says the police logged the complaint, but were unable to attend.


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