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► Abbotsford, 2 Dec: 'Thudding, piledriver music'

(18047) Loud, late-night house party in Abbotsford Road, near Hampton Road, Sat/Sun 1/2 Dec 2018.

Two residents have sent complaints to the universities about an event at this address, which is occupied by students. (See update at end.)

The first resident says, "There was ... loud music played constantly from 11pm to 5:40am. We tried to complain but were stopped by a doorman. He said he would ask them to lower the volume, but did no such thing. As well as the music, there was noise from taxis coming and going through the night."

The second resident says, "We noted thudding/pile-driver type music and flashing lights from the windows of [xx] Abbotsford Road at around 19:00 before going out for the evening. On our return at 22:30 the thudding was loud enough to prevent sleep in our front bedroom despite ear plugs and double glazing."

He called the police on 101 shortly before midnight "to report anti-social behaviour in the form of a thudding sound ... which was disturbing sleep for almost certainly a large number of households." After some persuasion, the call handler agreed to log the case as ASB.

"However, nothing changed, the disturbance continued, and at 00:30 we moved to a spare bedroom at the back of our house to sleep."

Updated, 07/12/2018: The University of the West of England has acknowledged the students are with UWE. A member of the university's community liaison team and the campus police officer, PC Simon Topps, have visited the students. They were warned as to the possible consequences of future disturbances and advised how to deal with recycling and parking issues.


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