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► Collingwood, 18 Nov: 'House extremely noisy'

(18040) Noisy house party on upper floor of house on east side of street. This party was under way from at least 9pm. The windows were open, allowing noise from music and shouting into the street. This was audible on occasions from Melville Road, about 90 metres away. Other residents in the street told me this level of noise was normal for this property.

At about 00:30am I went to the house and rang the door bell. As I was waiting, several other people turned up. Some were students from No. [x], across the street, who seemed to think No. [xx] was complicating their own efforts to have a "quiet" party—see separate report. Several others were residents, including a woman who had come out in her nightclothes to complain, and another woman who had a young child with her.

Several students from the house came to the door to answer these complaints. They apologised for the disturbance. I asked that they close their windows, stop shouting and turn their music down.

The house was quiet shortly after 1am.

Two residents have sent complaints to the University of Bristol. The first says she was woken at about 00:30am by noise from both parties, and by students in the street. The second resident wrote to the university: "[xx] Collingwood Road continue to be extremely noisy—leaving windows open on many nights of the week. Last night they had yet another party. We have tried as we do every year to be tolerant and to build bridges but this has been to no avail. ... We have lived in Collingwood Road for over 20 years and each year the behaviour of your students deteriorates."

Note, added 02/01/2019: This house was also the setting for a very large, loud party in March, in the previous academic year (most likely with different student residents).


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