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► Brighton, 31 Oct: Hallowe'en event gets complaint

(18032) Loud house party in terraced house at south end of street. Large crowd of people outside. I observed this event at around 11-15pm. At that time there were about 20 people outside the property and loud beat music was playing inside. The event was still under way at 00:20am. I relayed details to the local beat police, who began a programme of night-time patrols on this night, but I later learned they were called away to another area in the second part of their shift.

A resident who complained about a simultaneous party elsewhere in Brighton Road (see separate report) acknowledges she was aware of this other event. "At one point the two parties seemed to be competing, with students running between the two...."

Revised, 25/11/2018: I originally said I didn't know if anyone had filed a complaint about this event. Turns out I missed an email, perhaps because other matters intervened and I didn't write up the Hallowe'en events until several days later. A resident (not the person mentioned above) complained to the University of Bristol, and tells me he has now received a letter of apology from the students. (Thanks to that resident for keeping me updated.)


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