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► Brighton, 31 Oct: 'Frequency of parties intolerable'

(18033) Noisy party in mid-terrace house. About a dozen people outside when first seen. I observed this event at about 11-15pm, along with a louder party at the south end of the street—see separate report.

A resident has complained to both universities, asking them to identify whose students were responsible for the event in the mid-terrace house. She states:

"They held a Hallowe'en party last night, starting about 10pm, continuing until at least 2am. The students were spilled out onto the street shouting and screaming with loud music coming from the house and disturbing most of the street. They were asked by several of my neighbours to go inside, which they would do briefly before continuing outside again. I had to shout at 2 students who decided to urinate over the wall into my front garden—they were so drunk they couldn't even work out where the voice was coming from . This morning I had to sluice vomit from my front path. I have lived in this street for 10 years and have never previously complained, viewing the occasional noisy party [as] perfectly reasonable. This year however the frequency and noise of parties in this road has been intolerable and the associated bad behaviour really grim."

(Hallowe'en reports filed late because of other commitments.)


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