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► Lansdown, 31 Oct: 'Final straw—banging on bins'

(18034) Noise from a group of students in the street.

A resident has sent a complaint to both universities asking them to try to identify the students responsible. He also notes there was a large amount of noise in the district that night (a mid-week night):

"Around midnight I went out to talk to a group of students who had congregated on the street a few doors from my house. They had been generating a lot of noise for about an hour, but the final straw was when they began to bang loudly on waste bins. When asked they said they were UWE students, but refused to say which house they had come from or visited. They were completely unashamed at their behaviour, and dismissive of any request to show consideration for others.

"As we spoke a large taxi arrived and more students appeared from number [x] Lansdown Road. They joined the noisy students but did not answer when I asked which university they attended. I’d appreciate if the community liaison teams at both UoB and UWE could check their records and establish which university the students living at number [x] Lansdown Road attend."

(Hallowe'en reports filed late because of other commitments.)


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