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► Cowper, 30 Oct: 'Barely slept' before early shift

(18031) House party until after 1am, midweek night. (This was not a Hallowe'en-night party; it started on the evening of 30 Oct and continued into the early hours of the 31st.)

I went to the house at around 00:30am after an email from a subscriber. There was no music audible when I arrived, but the person I spoke to confirmed they had been playing music after 10pm, which is the University of Bristol's midweek cutoff for parties. I could hear a significant amount of noise coming from a garden or yard at the rear, and suggested they be asked to move inside, which the organiser said he would do. The resident who had emailed me complained to UoB: "My partner and I both had early shifts this morning and have barely slept." UoB said later it had "arranged to meet with the students to discuss this complaint and agree actions."