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► Park Mansions, 28 Oct: Party spurs call to police

(18030) Party in flat; loud music played outdoors until about 00:30am and indoors until 1-45am; associated shouting and disturbance.

Excerpts from resident's complaint to the University of Bristol:

"The party took place between 10 pm and 1 am last night [2am, disregarding the clock change]. The noise affected adjacent and nearby properties with added street disturbances. They used both the flat and the garden for the party. They played loud music outdoor until about 12.30 am. After that, they played loud techno music indoors and the bass was thumping through our walls until 1.45 am ... There was lots of shouting as is usually the case with drunk university students. A woman was hitting some furniture in the back yard and shouting obscenities. They also slammed their front door many times ... When I went out at 11.30 p.m. I saw one of their guests urinating by our bins."

The resident says she spoke to one of the students: "[He] said he was one of the occupants of the flat and confirmed they were UoB students. He apologised and we talked about the disturbance they caused to neighbours. I told him about the university policy to not to make noise after 10p.m. during weekdays and 12.00am at weekends. He said he was aware. I asked them to turn off the music and keep their party indoors after 12.00 as per the university's rules. He said he would try. ... I waited until 1.11 a.m. and called 101 to report the noise, the urinating and the obscene language used. They said they did not attend to noise complaints and I should make my complaint to the city council. I asked if this party did not amount to anti-social behaviour given the urinating and the obscenities. They said they would take a record and forward it to their team who would attend to the problem in the following days."

The resident says this is the second party these students have held at the address since moving in during the summer. "I had to warn them at 12.00 on that occasion too. They asked me if they could keep the party going for another half hour. I said they should not and came back to my flat. They then rang my doorbell around 12.30-1.00 a.m. to apologise and to see if I would mind them continuing the party. They promised this would be a one-off event."

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