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► Bramford, 16 Oct: 'Waking us up every night'

(18022) Complaint submitted to University of Bristol citing repeated instances of late-night disturbance by students. Resident says: "We have spoken to them but unfortunately, the situation isn't getting any better.They play loud music late at night and groups have been arriving at 2 am and chatting either in the forecourt of the Terrace, balcony or in the house. They are waking us up every night and keeping us awake. I shouted at them last night at 2 pm as a big group was chatting and playing music in the balcony and forecourt, and then they simply went inside and carried on until 4 am. WE CAN HEAR EVERYTHING, CHATTING, SLAMMING DOORS AND MUSIC IN YOUR HOUSE. This situation is making us very angry and I hope you can intercede to put an end to this."

Updated, 20/10/18: Resident has received a reply from the university indicating it has been in contact with the students.


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