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► Brighton, 14 Oct: 'Had to complain at 2-45am'

(180200) A resident has filed a complaint to the University of Bristol about late-night noise from a house in Brighton Road, west side. Excerpt:

"In the early hours of Sunday morning I had to go around to [x] Brighton Road at 2:45am to ask the students to turn the music down. The music had woken up my family at 1:30am and showed no signs of quietening down. By 2:45am I realised that I’d have to get dressed and confront them, if we were to get any sleep. This wasn’t a party, as I think it was only the student residents in the property, but they claimed they were oblivious to how sound (with a very heavy bass beat) travels at night. I hasten to add, it wasn’t being played quietly."

The complaint notes that an earlier incident, a party, at the same address was recorded on this website, (see earlier report, dated 30/09/18). That incident did not generate a formal complaint, although another resident confirmed there had been noise both on 30/09 and on another occasion.


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