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► Highbury Villas, 14 Oct: Beat music at 1am

(18017) Loud beat music coming from corner house at about 1am. I knocked on the door several times but could get no answer. Since I had posted flyers in Highbury Villas only that afternoon (in relation to the event at No. [xx] the previous night), I assumed residents would know how to contact me if they were disturbed by this event, so I moved on.

Updated, 15/10/18: Highbury Residents Association has filed a complaint to the University of Bristol covering this event and one the previous night at No. [xx] (see separate report).

A resident sent a comment covering both events: "Both times we were woken up by shouting on the street. The loud music/bass during the early hours was bad for both parties, though it has to be said it was the shouting that actually tipped the balance. There was broken glass on the streets the next day ... I think it is also worth noting that the noise this year has been the worst in the three years we have been here, and the disregard for other residents is also striking."


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