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  • Andrew Waller

► Woodfield, 13 Oct: Noise in garden at 2-40am

(18014) Party at house on south side of road, first noted at 00:45am. People in back garden making significant noise; beat music being played, but fairly quiet. I spoke to the organiser and suggested to her that the noise from the garden was likely to disturb people in Chandos Road, particularly at the Compton Lodge flats, which are close to the Woodfield gardens. She said neighbours in Woodfield Road had been notified in advance and given a phone number to call if there were any problems. I asked if Compton Lodge and other properties at the rear had been included; they hadn't. I last observed the event at about 2-40am; the noise from the garden was still very evident and there were also people making noise outside the house on the street side.

A resident in the flats says he went to the house to complain at around 2-30am. He has filed a complaint to the university.