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  • Andrew Waller

► Highbury Villas, 13 Oct: 'Worst in three years'

(18015) Loud beat music, people outside the front of the house making significant noise. Highbury Villas comprises three short streets just a block away from the main university buildings in Tyndall Avenue. This event was in the first street, as approached from St. Michael's Hill. Many of the Highbury houses are student HMOs. I went to the area at about 1-50am after receiving two email reports of a loud party and a lot of people in the street. One said some students were urinating in neighbours' gardens.

I spoke to the organiser, who confirmed he was with the University of Bristol. I pointed out that the event was in breach of UoB party guidelines and Local Rules for students living in the community. As is often the case, no-one appeared to be familiar with these. He offered to get everyone inside and turn the music down. The first bit happened but not the second. I made repeated requests for the front door to be closed, the window in the room where music was being played to be closed and for people on the side roof also to move inside. This was done, but before long people were back outside smoking, both at the front and on the side roof, and I had to ask again for them to go inside, and for the music to be turned down, which it was—a bit. That was the status at 2-40am, when I left.

I later distributed leaflets in the area asking for feedback from residents. As I finished, a resident parked in the street and we discussed the situation there. I have also contacted members of the Highbury Residents Association, which covers the area.

Another resident, who says he was affected by the night's noise, later emailed me. He believes there was a substantial gathering outside the house at around 11pm.

Updated, as of 15/10/18: Other residents have since been in touch and confirmed they were affected by this event and another at [x] Highbury Villas the following night (see report 18017, 14 Oct). The Highbury Residents Association and at least one of its members have filed formal complaints to the University of Bristol. Comments:


"Both times we were woken up by shouting on the street. The loud music/bass during the early hours was bad for both parties, though it has to be said it was the shouting that actually tipped the balance. There was broken glass on the streets the next day ... I think it is also worth noting that the noise this year has been the worst in the three years we have been here, and the disregard for other residents is also striking."


"We were disturbed and woken up several times by a very noisy party in the early hours of 13th October. Dozens of people out in the street talking loudly/shouting for prolonged periods."


"We ... have to suffer the consequences of exceptionally loud drunk people in the street, loud music and interrupted sleep! Not only that we have to clear up the street the next day of bottles and cans (some thrown into our hedge)!"