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Waverley video (removed)

(I've removed the video, for a variety of reasons; I've retained the post simply so I can note this decision.)

This is a link to a 37-second video of the house party at [x] Waverley Road, taken by a resident using a mobile phone from about 30m away in Kenilworth Road, whose gardens back on to those in Waverley. This was taken at 4am. By this stage I had complained in person twice to the students and at least two residents had made calls to 101. There is some suggestion the police did send someone round at about 3am, but if so it clearly didn't have any effect. The full incident report is here. Click the link below for the video (the level of sound you hear will obviously be determined by the volume settings on your own device, but you get the picture, so to speak.)


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