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► Stanley, 3 Oct: Cycle club event upsets residents

(18008) Four reports received from residents of a noisy gathering outside this property at 11pm and later. The same house was the subject of complaints on 27/09/18 (see report 18006, lower down the incident list). The students are now confirmed to be from the University of Bristol. Excerpts from complaints:

First resident:

"It is 11:22 on 3 October and I have just returned from [xx] Stanley Road where there was a meeting of the ... cycling club with at least 20 students talking and drinking in the small terrace front garden ... there were neighbours from 4 other houses that came to complain about the noise. We had an extended discussion with one of the house residents and with a few other of his friends. They always say sorry, but really don’t seem to understand why we are upset."

Second resident:

"The backchat I’ve received from the students includes:

-- We’ve been told by the university it’s ok to make noise until 11

-- It’s not even midnight yet, we’re allowed to make noise

-- You live in a student area. If you don’t like it, then move.

-- Of course we’re going to have parties, we’re students.

-- The uni operates a three strikes policy.

-- I’m a law student, there are at least ten steps before you can do anything about it.

-- We allowed to do whatever we like in our house.

-- Loud music is alright inside, right.

-- Is it the music, or just us you can hear?

-- What, you can hear our music in your house? I don’t believe you.

These are all quotes from last night!"

Third resident, writing at 11-11pm:

"I asked them early in the evening to be respectful of keeping the noise down as they were having a gathering of their cycle group from what they told me. A group of around 30 students have just congregated in the street and were abusive when four different sets of neighbours asked them to keep the noise down. It can be somewhat intimidating when you have earlier asked the tenants to please try and ensure they keep the noise down to be then shouted down by a large number of students telling us that it is not 11pm so they are not disturbing us. They are also telling us that they have a right to do what they want and that this should be known and acceptable behaviour for students. We have tried and failed to reason with them."

A fourth resident backed up these reports when we met in the street, and a fifth resident added his support for efforts to limit student noise.

Follow-up: Response from UoB awaited, to confirm what action it plans. Meanwhile, I have passed details to the local beat police.

(Revised 9:05pm 4/10 to confirm students are with UoB.)

Update, 20/10/18: Residents have been told that the student tenants at No. [xx] were called to a disciplinary meeting by the university and have issued an apology.

Update, 24/10/18: I have removed the text of the apology at the request of the university.


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