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► Alexandra Park, 28 Sep: Repeat complaint

(18005) Resident has made a further complaint to UWE. This follows a student party at the house that began at 3pm "with very loud music that could be heard several houses away and with a large number of people in the house and back garden". Resident and neighbour complained at 9pm and were told the party was intended to finish by 1am. In fact, the music stopped at around 11-30pm. This event happened one day after the students received a visit from their UWE community liaison representative and the campus police officer, PC Phil Busvine, who were responding to a previous complaint (see the 15/09/18 incident, number 18002, mentioned earlier in this list). The resident says that in between the first complaint and the latest one, students in the house played loud music on 21/09/18 from 6pm until after midnight (when the resident again complained). So, this resident and others in the area have been subject to multiple disturbances over a three-week period. The resident has also complained to the landlord (who has taken some action, but clearly not enough) and submitted a noise diary to Bristol City Council's Neighbourhood Enforcement team, whose response is awaited. At least one other resident has also complained to UWE about the 15/09 and 28/09 incidents.


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