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► Hampton, 23 Aug: 'Had to sleep in my lounge'

(18000) Student party in ground-floor front room of house in Hampton Road, between Woodfield Road and Leyton Villas, midnight onwards, 23 August. Window open, allowing music and singing/chanting/shouting to spill into street. I went to the house to complain at 12-30am, pointing out it was a weekday evening and some residents probably had to work next day. The window was then closed. At 1am it was open again and the noise was back to its previous level. I went to complain again and was told the music would be turned off. At 2am the music was off but the window was open, allowing loud conversation to filter into the street. One resident says she was still being disturbed at 4-30am by noise outside the property. The students are with the University of Bristol. I leafleted nearby houses and have so far received two responses from residents, including the one above. Complaints submitted to university.

Comments from residents:

"It annoyed me because it seems too early for student noise. We've lived in Hampton Road for 30 years and really relish the peaceful summers, so it's a bit of an insult/assault that quite a few students seem to have moved in already."

"I was still kept awake at 4:30am by noise outside the building. My bedroom is on the front of the property . . . the party meant I had to go and sleep in my lounge to attempt any kind of sleep that evening. . . . It is such a shame as we live in such a lovely area and the students just seem to [have] no respect/thought for any residents who actually have to get up and do a full day's work on 2 hours sleep."


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