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■ Back to normal (noisy), 02/06/18

(17008, 17009) (Updated) The weekend of 2/3 June was a noisy one in the Hampton Road and Chandos areas. After a relatively quiet May, warm nights and the end of exams led to a rash of student parties and plenty of shouting on the streets. Most of the parties were modest affairs compared with the events that took place in March. However, one resident was woken in the early hours of 2 June by beat music. She and her partner went out at 3-30am to investigate and found the source to be a house in Lansdown Road:

"Windows open, professional looking music deck

in basement and a house full of partying students."

Remarkably, after some "vigorous discussion", the students agreed to stop the party and their guests left soon afterwards with "a moderate amount of accompanying street noise". The resident says the students were apologetic and "looked shocked that they had caused this problem". She later reported the incident to the University of Bristol, and to the police, who had "already received another report of disturbance relating to this party".

Two things to add about this event: The students said they had sent out flyers beforehand to neighbouring properties. I don't know how the residents who received those notices responded, but it seems this may be another case where an opportunity to act in advance of an event was missed. Please see my post "Party Notices -- What to do". Unfortunately, I may have missed a chance, too. I noticed at around midnight that music was playing at this property--as there was at several others in the area--but at that time it was not a clear-cut case for intervention. I'm guessing that it got louder as the night wore on, which is a common pattern, but I was not able to stick around indefinitely to see what happened.

Another incident that night also led to a complaint: This one was in Collingwood Road, where a resident says she was verbally abused when she complained to students about noise in their garden at 1-45am.


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