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■ Party, Clyde Road, 21/04/18

(17005) 11-45pm Saturday to circa 4-50am Sunday: This is a house near the junction with Hampton Road. Shortly before midnight I saw a dozen or more people queuing outside as a doorman checked names against an invitation list. I heard beat music plus noise from people outside, possibly in a back garden. I returned at about 12-35am and, having confirmed the students were with the University of Bristol, asked to speak to the organiser. A young woman came out. I told her the event breached UoB party guidelines, I would complain to the university, and would report how the students responded to my complaint. She said they would turn the music down and ask those people outside to move into the house. I said I would return later to check, and did so at about 1-20am. The music was noticeably quieter and the people noise was reduced. The following day (Sunday) I distributed a letter to more than a dozen houses nearby, and have so far had contact with four residents, one of whom has given me a contact number for the landlord. One resident said she had suffered loud music from 3pm in the afternoon until beyond 4am. She likened it to an assault, and said she had had very little sleep. I said it appeared there had been two events, the party at [x] immediately following a daytime party at a student house next door. My full complaint to UoB can be seen here. [Link deactivated] I have copied it to Cotham ward Councillors Anthony Negus and Cleo Lake, relevant departments at Bristol City Council, and the police beat team for the area. Update, 27 April: UoB has called the students to a disciplinary hearing. I have spoken to the landlord by phone, and will follow up in email. I have also researched future solutions. If you have suggestions, please get in touch.


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