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■ Street noise, Auburn, Hampton, 15/03/18

(17003, 17004) Night-time noise on the streets seems to be increasing. Several residents have commented on this recently. On many nights, and sometimes several times a night, people can be heard shouting -- not just talking loudly, but shouting. Case in point: Auburn Road, 11-30pm, 15 March. Roughly 40 - 50 students, some in fancy dress, emerged from a house and walked into Hampton Park, presumably headed to the bars, with some of the males shouting at the tops of their voices. This was a week night. UoB guidelines: " ... remember that when you are just going out, some people will already be in bed, so try to leave the house quietly." (The guideline for week night parties BTW is finish at 10pm.) Another example: Hampton Road, 1-10am,17 March. About a dozen young people, presumably students, shouting as they walked up the road, with one of their number noisily kicking around recycling boxes on the pavement as he passed each house.


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