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Chandos to UoB: Do More

Residents in the Chandos area want the University of Bristol to take a tougher line on student noise. That was the clear message from a meeting of the Chandos Neighbourhood Association on Monday evening (19 March 2018). More than 20 residents attended, along with the two ward councillors, Anthony Negus and Cleo Lake, and the UoB community liaison officer, Joni Lloyd. The meeting heard details of two recent parties, [x] Hampton Road and [x] Collingwood Road, along with other similar events. Residents expressed frustration that the situation seems to be getting worse, not better, with a trend towards bigger events involving doormen and hired DJs, and a more blatant disregard of the university's own party guidelines. Joni Lloyd said UoB now handles complaints about house parties at stage three of its disciplinary process, which means she can fine members of student households up to £100 each. Many residents present thought the penalties were too low, and are not working. There were calls for the university to send its own staff to speak to students when a party is in progress, rather than relying on a disciplinary process that kicks in only after the event. Joni said university staff don't have jurisdiction at private properties. Andrew Waller (The Noise Pages) said no special powers were needed: The UoB staff would merely be delivering a message, much like a resident who goes to a house to complain. If the message was properly framed, it would provide the students with a compelling reason to bring the event within the UoB guidelines or face higher penalties for having declined to do so when given the chance.

CNA's full minute of the discussion is here:

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