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■ Party, Collingwood Road, 04/03/18

(17002) 1am to 6am or later: This is a mid-terraced house in a narrow street off Chandos Road, only about 50 or 60 metres from the house in Hampton Road where a party was held the night before (see previous post) -- so some residents were unlucky enough to be woken both nights. This event was if anything even louder, and more organised, with doormen in place checking the names of arrivals against an invitation list. A resident and the property owner both later told me that heavy-duty sound equipment had been taken into the house. (This is part of a worrying new trend in student parties.) I complained shortly after 1am to the organiser, who was apparently celebrating her 21st. Long story short, she refused to turn the music down. Given I'd had little sleep the previous night I didn't hang around. A lot of people arrived during the time I was there, but things on the street were fairly orderly at that time. I heard later from residents that there was shouting in the street in the early hours. One resident who complained, for the third time, at 5-45am says beer cans were thrown at him from the street, along with a snow/ice ball which hit him on the head. He reported this to the police. I later made contact with the owner of the property, who lives locally. He apologised for the disturbance and told me the property had been damaged during the event -- the toilets had overflowed, and water had leaked into the basement flat, which he also owns. This bears out the point that big parties are bad news for landlords as well as residents.


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