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■ Party, Hampton Road, 03/03/18

(17001) 2/3 March, 11pm to 4am: Beat music and shouting at a house near the Chandos Road junction. I went out to complain at about 12-20am and the music was briefly turned down. A few minutes later, by now approaching 1am, it was ramped up to significantly higher volume and stayed at that level for the rest of the night. At about 3am, a group from the house waited noisily on the pavement for a taxi; two went to urinate on the other side of the street and another danced in a builders' skip. I didn't need to ask on this occasion whether the residents were students at the University of Bristol because I had complained about a loud gathering at the house in October, and the students were disciplined. Clearly, that episode had no deterrent effect, and turning the music up after a resident has complained is pretty blatant. I later learned that at least two other residents complained but were similarly ignored. The following day, I circulated a letter to 55 addresses, asking anyone who had been affected by the party to contact me so I had evidence to back a complaint to the university. Several people said they had been kept awake, some from almost 100m away, making this one of the noisiest events of recent times.


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